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Get In On Edgewood, Iowa: Where Dreams Meet Reality

Looking for the perfect day out? Head to Edgewood, Iowa where dreams meet reality. Edgewood is a town that can be found by simply driving down Highway 3. The best part about this northeast Iowa town is that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

One of the most well-known businesses in Edgewood is the Edgewood Locker. This business has received many awards for their salami, pork, turkey, and beef. Not to mention, they have a wide array of brat flavors that are absolutely amazing. The Kerns family also owns and operates the Edgewood Locker Event Center, which is a rental hall open to the public.

Edgewood also has several restaurants to choose from, each with their own specialty items. Café Rosé can be found on the corner of North Washington and East Madison Street. If you are looking to find a nice glass of wine, try Rosie’s “8 Second Red” or “Rodeo Clown Blush”. The best part of this restaurant is that all of the wines are locally made. Another great restaurant in town is called Franny’s. They offer a large variety of home cooked meals. Some of their most popular items are Wednesday night wings, taco Thursdays, Friday night fish, and the amazing prime rib served on Saturday nights. But of course, we all need a pizza fix every once in a while. Aunt Necee’s pizza serves some of the most delicious pizza around. And for those nights where you don’t want to leave the house, they’ll deliver to your doorstep. They also offer video rental, and have a weekly ice cream flavor of the week that you don’t want to miss.

Another popular place in Edgewood is Kendrick Forest Products saw mill. This large mill is located on the south end of town. They offer tours of the mill, which can be very educational for those who do not know much about the logging industry. Another part of this terrific business is their cabinet shop, Forever Cabinets by Kendrick. On a tour, you can see what goes into making cabinets for homes of all sizes.

A new project that has started in Edgewood is the new museum. This museum will be located at what was Perrinjaquet’s Feed Mill in downtown Edgewood. Fundraising is currently in process to complete the renovations of this building in hopes to soon open the museum for visitors. They are also accepting Edgewood memorabilia to be showcased within the museum.

However, if you are looking for a really great weekend to spend in Edgewood, plan for it to be the last weekend in June. That’s the Annual Pro Rodeo Days celebration. This three-day event is a town effort filled with many activities for people of all ages to enjoy. Rodeo action takes place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, each night having its own special twist. There is a parade in town on Saturday that makes its way through the many streets of Edgewood. Rodeo weekend ends with a demolition derby on Sunday afternoon.

So giddy up and ride over to Edgewood, where dreams meet reality.

Pullin’ for Kids: Edgewood’s Truck & Tractor Pull First Weekend in June

This summer, Edgewood is going to be trucking with excitement. To kick off the festivities, there will be a truck and tractor pull taking place on June 3. The truck and tractor pull is sanctioned by Tri-State Truck and Tractor Pullers, and sponsored by the Edgewood Chamber of Commerce.

This year marks the second anniversary of the Pullin’ for Kids Truck and Tractor Pull. Last year, with over 1,500 people in attendance, this event raised over $8,000 to donate to the Ronald McDonald House at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. Even though it was a rainy weekend, many volunteers came together to make this event a success, whether it was helping to maintain the track or serve Edgewood Locker Brats.

Some of the featured drivers are Lavern and Jeff Kelchen, who operate “Corn Burner”. It’s a Modified two-wheel-drive truck. The Kelchen clan began their pulling career after watching their brother in law, DJ Sullivan. Since starting this fun activity, they have gone through several trucks and learned a lot over the years. They have created friendships with other pullers and their families. Lavern and Jeff’s nephew, Jason Sullivan, has joined the pulling team and has his own truck named “The Agitator”. Staci and Kyle Sullivan, daughter and son of DJ Sullivan, have followed in their father’s footsteps and each of them has a pulling truck of their own known. Those respective vehicles are dubbed “Borrowed Parts” and “Bearly Legal”. Truck pulling has definitely become a family event for this boisterous crew.

Pullin’ for Kids has a positive impact on the Edgewood community, which makes it such an important event. Many families in the area have been personally impacted by illnesses that sent them to the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. These families have shared their stories.

If you are interested in volunteering or sharing your U of I Children’s Hospitalstory with the community, check out the event online. Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 4th, and plan of spending the day in Edgewood, for the Pullin’ for Kids Truck and Tractor Pull.



Bixby State Preserve – Edgewood, Iowa

Bixby State Preserve is a quiet wooded area that is comprised of Silurian Escarpment-– a belt of bluffs that mark a rare Paleozoic Plateau.

Bear Creek is a small trout stream that winds and twists its way through the park, joining the Turkey River at its end. Bluffs of all sizes can be found in Bixby, ranging from 50 to 200 feet tall. The bluffs are rugged in exterior and covered with all kinds of incredible life. They tower over the creek as it trickles along. The sunset view from these bluffs ins impeccable. Vibrant colors dot this rare Iowa hillscape.

Perfect for taking hikes, woodland walks, or even fishing, the Bixby State Park Preserve is located just two miles directly north of Edgewood, Iowa. The 69 acres of land belonged to R.J. Bixby, a former teacher, farmer, and legislator. The man was bound and determined to get his land into the state park system, which it eventually was. Bixby had already allowed the public to travel through his property before the land became public, all free of charge. He wanted to share the beautiful scenery with anyone who had an interest. The Iowa Conservation Commission purchased the Bixby land in 1962. The park was later dedicated as a geological and biological state preserve in 1979.

If you ever find yourself down in Bixby, you may notice a cold breeze that sends chills up your spine– almost like you stepped into a cooler. The Bixby State Preserve is most known for the ice cave, which is located just a few hundred yards from the main entrance of the park, just over the small stream that is a part of Bear Creek. The total amount of ice underground is unknown. About a century ago, lead miners dug into the hillside to enlarge a crack in the limestone. Several local residents claim to have seen an ore cart, mining tools, and a rail for the cart, at the mouth of the cave, extending about 80 feet into the hillside. According to the legend, the mining efforts came to a halt after too much ice began forming inside the cave. So much ice in fact, that many residents of the Edgewood area claim they collected ice from the cave to make homemade ice cream. Others admit to stowing away their beer there as teenagers, hiding it from their parents.

Not only does the ice cave attract many visitors, but the park’s plants do as well. Bixby possesses one of the highest plant diversity ratios when compared to other Iowa woodlands. The park boasts more than 380 native species. Basswood Trees, in addition to Oaks, and Sugar Maple are a few. Others, such as Snow Trillium and wild Ginger speckle the woodland floor. In the summer, purple Joe-Pye-Weed can be found. Fall brings Coralroot Orchids and Asters to the area, making it a wondrous place to picnic.



Healthy and Vibrant Edgewood/2015:

Have your voice heard 

Edgewood, IOWA – Healthy and Vibrant Edgewood/2015 is announcing its first round of community surveys for Edgewood residents.                      

The survey will be delivered to all Edgewood residents by the end of May and will address the strengths and opportunities related to current and future health, recreation and wellness programs and facilities in Edgewood.

“These surveys and community conversations will be so important in ensuring that every Edgewood resident gets his or her voice heard as we make decisions about our community’s recreation and wellness future,” said Edgewood Mayor Jim Stone. “With community input we hope to make Edgewood a more healthy and vibrant place.”

In addition to the survey, several Healthy and Dynamic Edgewood/2015 Community Conversations will be scheduled later this year and the entire community will be invited to participate. Findings from the process will be used to advise decision-makers about the community’s hopes and dreams related to health, recreation and wellness.

“When we plan ahead based on the needs of our community, we save money,” said Edgewood Economic Development Executive Director Elise Bergen. “It doesn’t go to waste.”

Healthy and Dynamic Edgewood 2015 is a partnership supported by the Edgewood Economic Development Corporation, Edgewood Chamber of Commerce, Foundation for the Future of Delaware County, an affiliate of the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque; and the USDA. 

Copies of the three-year and 20-year plans can be obtained under the City of Edgewood tab on
For more information, contact Elise Bergan at 563.928-7036 or



WCTU Water Fountain

One of the highlights of the WCTU (Women’s Christian Temperance Union) era back in the day was the water fountain found on the corner of N. Washington and Madison streets. These fountains were installed by the WCTU in towns all over the country to discourage men from drinking stronger beverages. The one in Edgewood was placed with the idea thaw as men went toward the block where the taverns were situated, they would stop for a drink and not be so tempted.

Flash forward to today, and only two of these fountains can be found in Iowa; the one in Edgewood, and one in Shenandoah. However, for some time now the fountain in Edgewood has not been working, so it was time for some fixing up! After being refurbished it found it’s home back on the corner of historic Main street in Edgewood where it has sat for about 91 years. Today even you can stop by and receive a nice cool drink of water from the same reliable water fountain that has became a true landmark for our wonderful town. Hats off to those who have taken the time to preserve this wonderful landmark we are blessed to have!